Summer eNews - Salary Update for 101 Careers
101.Careers Salary Table Update
101.Careers’ annual salary update is now available for all of our 101 career options on the 101.Careers platform. Here is a sneak peek.

Starting & Mid-Career Monthly Salary by Major
Source:  Payscale, Glassdoor, US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Besides well-known, in-demand career options such as Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science related majors such as Statistics, Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Business Analytics, we would like to highlight a couple of emerging fields for your students to consider including Users & Customer Experience Design and Operations & Supply Chain Management.   

Operations & Supply Chain Management

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Operation & Supply Chain jobs are expected to grow at twice the rate of all other jobs in the US.  In addition, the sector is going through a huge transformation, shredding the traditional images of dusty, sterile warehouses and documentation overload.  The industry leaders in this field such as Amazon are rapidly adopting exciting new technologies to transform the sector including: 
•    The adoption of robots in warehousing and order fulfillment
•    The use of blockchain technology to ensure data visibility, accuracy, efficiency and safety across every step of the supply chain 
•    The use of drones to deliver products to your doorstep


User/Customer Experience Design (UX/CX)

Another exciting new field is User or Customer Experience Design (UX/CX).  This emerging field marries the digitization of customer experience in areas such as social media engagement, order, fulfillment, with traditional brick-and-mortar areas such as retail stores and service centers to bring an integrated, seamless customer experience.  A User/Customer Experience Designer ensures that every part of the customer engagement will be researched, mapped, designed, digitally tracked and continuously enhanced based on real-time data and customer feedback, thus bringing efficiency as well as customer satisfaction to any organization.  A related career is User Interface Design which focuses on the design/wireframing of online touchpoints/engagements with customers.  

Finance Losing Its Shine

With any highs, there must also be some lows.  One such sector we like to highlight is Finance.  Traditionally one of the most glamorous and in-demand careers, this sector is now going through a major transformation due to algorithm-based program trading and Blockchain.  Traditional jobs such as Traders and Equity Analysts are rapidly disappearing.  Margins are also being squeezed by fin-tech start-up disruptors.   Though many lucrative jobs still exist in the sector, it is no longer perceived to be the pinnacle of success by new graduates as it once used to be.

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